Sharing Staff With Richmond Council

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In January Wandsworth and Richmond Councils announced proposals to create a “shared staffing arrangement” across the two boroughs by March 2017.

The Council website explains that the Council:
'has faced difficult financial decisions over the past five years. This is expected to continue to at least 2017/18 and requires substantial savings to be made. One way of achieving savings is through sharing staff with Richmond Council.

This will deliver savings through reducing duplication and the proportion of spending that goes on senior management. In the longer term there will be opportunities for further savings to reduce overheads, for example, getting better deals from suppliers when commissioning back office services like IT.

Wandsworth and Richmond councils will continue to be separate sovereign bodies with their own elected Councillors, Cabinets and Leaders, maintaining their distinct identities and retaining the ability to develop policies and priorities that matter to their local residents.'

Richmond had previously been in talks about a similar deal with Kingston but no conclusion was reached after six months and the discussions were suspended.

The Council is now running a survey to hear your views. To complete the survey click here

February 26, 2015

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