New Grant Fund Deadline Approaches

Make sure you apply by May 5th

The deadline to apply to the new Wandsworth Grant Fund is next Tuesday, May 5.

Bidding for the first round of funding began in March, and will close next Tuesday.

The Wandsworth Grant Fund has been brought in to streamline the process for funding projects under these council priorities:  

  • Arts and Culture
  • Environment and Attractive Neighbourhoods
  • Children and Young People
  • Citizenship and Civic Engagement
  • Achieving Aspirations and Potential
  • Health and Well being

Evaluation and assessment is done by specialist council offers and there will be scrutiny by councillors to ensure money is going where it is most needed and where it will most benefit borough residents. 

The amount of money handed out over the coming year by the council will be the same as the previous grants added together – just under £400,000. The proportion awarded to each area of work, such as arts or young people, will remain the same. 

The fund will replace the Wandsworth’s Big Society Fund, various arts grants, the Youth Service Community Grant, the Children and Young People’s Plan Small Grant and the Wandsworth ECO Fund. The Youth Opportunity Fund will remain separate as it is allocated by young people, for young people.

Ward councillor endorsement of each application is required.

For application details click here


May 1, 2015