Deteriorating Hammersmith Bridge Completely Closed

Pedestrians and cyclists no longer allowed as more cracks appear

Hammersmith Bridge

The decision has been taken to completely close Hammersmith Bridge after it was found that more cracks had appeared in the bridge structure. The Thames Path around the bridge area has also been closed.

Contractors working on behalf of Hammersmith & Fulham Council and TfL discovered the deteriorating condition of the bridge when they were investigating an area of high stress on the structure. It is believed that recent high temperatures may have caused a worsening of the condition of the bridge.

Following technical advice, Hammersmith & Fulham Council have therefore taken the decision to close the bridge to all traffic – including pedestrians, cyclists, and river traffic. The Thames Path on both sides of the bridge will also be closed.

The closure has been in effect from around 5pm this Thursday (13 August) and TfL say it will remain closed until they receive assurances it is safe to open.

Contractors are on site now assessing the deterioration in condition.

Putney MP Fleur Anderson said, "More proof that we need Government funding for the bridge urgently. It will only deteriorate more if left, and then will cost even more to return to use. "

August 14, 2020