‘Breastfeeding Welcome’ cafes in Wandsworth

NHS Wandsworth launches campaign to support breastfeeding mums

Did you know that most mums stop breastfeeding before they want or intend to because they feel uncomfortable doing so in public? 

NHS Wandsworth is launching a new campaign in February called ‘Breastfeeding Welcome’ which aims to improve the support available to women breastfeeding their babies whilst in a public place. 

Alice Champion, Public Health Nutritionist says “Many businesses have an open attitude to breastfeeding but women have no way of knowing this. Becoming breastfeeding friendly and putting up the ‘Breastfeeding Welcome’ stickers will let mums know that they are welcome when they are out and about. Breastfeeding can be a part of everyday life. Breastfeeding can be done very discreetly without anyone noticing the baby is being fed.

“Every business knows the value of repeat customers and word-of-mouth. Breastfeeding mums who feel that they and their babies are made welcome while they have a cup of coffee, a meal, cut their hair or go shopping will come back again, and will also tell their friends.”

We would also like parents to nominate their local breastfeeding friendly cafe or restaurant to join the campaign. To nominate a cafe or restaurant, please visit www.wandsworthlittlefeet.nhs.uk, and receive a free gift in return.

Look for this sticker and you know you will be made welcome.

If you are a business and would like further information on the “Breastfeeding Welcome” campaign please call 020 8812 7915 or email nutrition@wpct.nhs.uk. All businesses that join the campaign will be listed on the Wandsworth maternity website www.wandsworthlittlefeet.nhs.uk


February 10, 2010