Lack Of Highway Code Knowledge Puts London Lives At Risk

Capital's motorists finish sixth out of twelve regions polled

A poor understanding of The Highway Code is compromising road safety, a new survey has revealed.

Results from a poll of 5,000 motorists showed a large percentage failed to answer correctly a number of general knowledge and picture questions covering The Highway Code, with London motorists finishing sixth out of the twelve regions polled.

The survey, commissioned by tyre manufacturer Goodyear, showed that 57% of drivers in London did not know to stop when a traffic light shone its red and amber lights together.  48% of those surveyed also didn’t know that the typical stopping distance for a car driving at 50mph is 53 metres or 13 car lengths.  Nearly a fifth thought they could get away with 36 metres.

When asked what the no-overtaking road sign meant, a worrying 37% got it wrong and over 76% assumed that the 30mph minimum speed sign actually indicated the maximum speed allowed.  However, while the results showed many drivers were out of touch with the road rules, 94% are under the illusion that their understanding of The Highway Code is either adequate or good and over 43% don’t believe that drivers should be re-tested.

“Understanding the rules of The Highway Code can significantly reduce road accidents,” said Eddy Geerdink, Goodyear’s marketing director.  

The research for Goodyear was carried out by OnePoll in February 2011 amongst a panel of motorists resulting in 5,000 respondents.


April 30th, 2011