Putney Bridge Shuts on Monday Morning

Combined with other closures could lead to 'summer of misery' on local roads

Motorists are being warned to expect severe traffic delays in the area with the closure of Putney Bridge from 5am next Monday (14th July).

A foretaste of what may be to come was given on 7th July after a bus crashed into a wall on the bridge requiring it to be closed leading to substantial traffic disruption in the area.

The overall repair programme now includes a separate project to fix the damage caused by the bus. This will involve retrieving six large granite blocks from the riverbed after they were dislodged and fell into the Thames as a result of the collision.

These additional repairs will not impact on the wider project timetable which the Council say remains on target to be completed by October.

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The work coincides with other key road closures in the West of London including the continutation of the partial closure of the Hammersmith Flyover on weekends, the closure of the Hogarth Flyover from 19th July and continued works on Chiswick Bridge. The combined effect of these projects has led some people to predict a 'summer of misery' on local roads.

For the duration of the Putney Bridge works buses will operate a shuttle service from both ends. This means that passengers will have to cross the bridge on foot and get on another bus to continue their journeys.

Transport for London has published maps showing where passengers will be able to get on their buses, and confirmed that people will only pay one fare for the two legs of their journey.

Passengers who either use a travelcard or a concessionary card like a Freedom Pass will be able to walk across the bridge and catch a bus as normal.

Anyone using Oyster pay-as-you-go or a contactless payment card will be able to obtain a ‘transfer voucher’ from the bus driver or a special ‘transfer card’ from dedicated members of staff. Passengers with these will not have to pay again when they embark on the second leg of their journeys.


Map of bus routes whilst bridge closed from 14th July

Transfer cards and vouchers can be used in conjunction with an Oyster PAYG or Contactless payment card which has been validated within 60 minutes on a previous bus journey on routes 14, 22, 39, 74, 85, 93, 220, 265, 270, 424, 430, N22 and N74. Passengers who obtain a transfer card can use it throughout the closure and will not need to obtain a voucher from the driver on each occasion.

Additional TfL staff will be available on both sides of the bridge to help direct passengers, issue “transfer cards” and answer any questions about local bus services.

Cyclists will be able to continue using the bridge, but they will need to dismount and wheel their bikes across. They will not be able to ride across the bridge. Alternatively they can use the rail bridge on Deodar Road with the council installing a cycle rail to make it easier to take bikes up the steps.


July 10, 2014

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