Call for Speeding Fines for Cyclists in Richmond Park

Councillor claims measure is necessary to protect deer crossing

Cyclists Given Access to RiRichmond Park is popular with cyclistsRichmond Park is popular with cyclists. Picture: Andreas Kambanis

Calls have been made to stop speeding cyclists through Richmond Park as it’s revealed only cars can be fined for speeding in the park.

The speed limit in the park is 20mph but whether the rules should apply to cyclists has been questioned, with one Conservative councillor calling on fines for speeding cyclists.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Conservative councillor for South Richmond said: “It’s actually very dangerous because of the deer.

“I actually watch cyclists go past cars on occasions when the cars have been stopping waiting for deer to cross.

“Most cyclists are perfectly responsible so it’s a few but I think that cyclists the same as motorists should be fined for being over the speed limit.”

The Liberal Democrat councillor for the ward has also been contacted for comment.

The Department of Parks and Recreation, a local campaign group, disagree with Cllr Fleming.

It told The Local Democracy Reporting Service, “A cyclist travelling at 25 mph has the same destructive force as an SUV moving at 4.3 mph.

“Charging a cyclist with speeding for such an offence would be absurd.

“Motorists present nearly all the road danger inside Richmond Park, and this is where the focus of enforcement should be.”

A Royal Parks spokesperson said: “There is no speed limit for cycling on Britain’s roads as cyclists are not required to have a speedometer.

“It is the same in the Royal Parks, although we do ask that cyclists observe the motor vehicle speed limit for the park, the road or path in question. This varies from 5mph to 20mph.”

They added: “It is, however, an offence under the Royal Parks Regulations to intentionally or recklessly interfere with the safety, comfort or convenience of other visitors. Enforcement of park regulations is a matter for the police.”

In 2015, a cyclist was caught speeding in Richmond Park at 38mph and was ordered to pay more than £600 by magistrates as he was cycling without due care and attention – according to an Evening Standard report.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said, "We expect all road users to act responsibly to ensure Richmond Park is a safe place for everybody.

“Officers carry out regular patrols and will take action against those seen to be driving or riding in an irresponsible manner which intentionally or recklessly puts public safety at risk.”

James Mayer - Local Democracy Reporter

October 6, 2021