Have You Received Your Electoral Register Form?

A response is required even if there are no changes to your details

All Wandsworth households should now have received a form asking them to check that the information held on the electoral register is correct.

The Household Enquiry Form has been sent to all households in the borough as part of the Council’s annual electoral registration canvass. The aim is to make sure the electoral register is up to date and to identify any residents who are not registered to vote so that they can be encouraged to do so.

Borough council elections will be held on Thursday 3rd May next year, and elections can be called at short notice, as was the case with the General Election in June. Registering to vote means you can have your say in local and national elections, while being on the electoral register can also improve your credit score. 

A response is required from every household, even if there are no changes to make or nobody is eligible to vote.

The easiest way to respond is online at www.householdresponse.com/wandsworth

If there are no changes to make, you can also confirm the details by phone, or send a text. Details of how to do this are on your form.

All of these response methods will require the security codes printed on the form.

People who are unable to use the response methods above can complete and return the Household Enquiry Form using the reply envelope provided (postage is free).

If no response is received, electoral registration canvassers will visit households, so residents are advised to respond promptly to avoid a visit.

Find out more at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/vote.

August 9, 2017