Local Charity Celebrates 21st Birthday

With poetry workshops and a 'Criminal Justice Treasure Trail'

Safe Ground, is a small charity based in Wandsworth. This year is their 21st Birthday and to celebrate they are hosting poetry events and a Criminal Justice Treasure Trail, which will also coincide with the Wandsworth Fringe Festival in May.

Bite Size Poets (14th and 15th May) a series of mini poetry workshops led by poets and performers Joelle Taylor and Sara Hirsch. Learn to be a poet and performer in 45 minutes. Before you know it you will be writing, rhyming and reciting with members of your group. Each cohort will be made up of 15-20 participants, who will produce one group poem and one individual peom of 10 lines each. Full listings and tickets can be bought here.

Bite Size Poets Mic Night (14th and 15th May) hosted by Deanna Rodger will finish each day of poetry workshop activity led by Joelle Taylor and Sara Hirsch on behalf of Safe Ground. Come along and watch and listen to people who became poets in 45 minutes. Tickets £5 (free entry for those who attend a Bite Size Poets workshop) and can be purchased here.

The Criminal Justice Treasure Trail (14th and 15th May) will uncover the criminal justice history of Battersea, bringing fresh perspectives to well established landmarks and also leading people to places, areas and buildings they would never normally visit. Participants will follow poetic clues leading towards a final destination, which might be a poetry workshop or free entry into a spoken word performance event Bite Size Poets Mic Night. The first team of two, each session, to complete the trail in the fastest time, will win a pair of complimentary tickets to the immersive experience Lady Chastity’s Reserve’ courtesy of Handmade Mysteries at the Four Thieves Pub (redeemable for up to a year). Prizes are also available to a free yoga workshop with Battersea Yoga. The trail is timed to be completed in 1.5 hours and should take no longer than 2 hours. Participants automatically take personal responsibility for their own fitness to participate and to navigate the route. Any persons under 16 years should be accompanied by a responsible adult. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased here.

March 31, 2016