Teenage Mental Health Parent Conference

Stem4 holds second conference for all at St Cecilia's School

Stem4 is holding a second Parent Conference on teenage mental health at:

Saint Cecilia’s School, Sutherland Grove, SW18 5LR on Monday 3 July from 7.00pm-9.30pm

Following the first stem4 parent conference on teenage mental health in March this year, the teenage mental health charity stem4 will be holding its second parent conference on teenage mental health.

The conference is aimed at parents who have children in secondary school and want to know more about boosting positive mental health and spotting early signs of common mental ill health problems in children.

It will help parents develop their awareness of teenage mental health issues, pick up on early signs of distress and become more informed on how to support and make early change.

Building teenage and family resilience is at the core of the work stem4 carries out and will be reflected in the conference discussions.

Speakers will include Dr Nihara Krause (Consultant Clinical Psychologist), Iain Maitland (author of ‘Dear Michael, Love Dad’), parent Miriam George, and Joe Stone (social worker)

Tickets are available to purchase now on Eventbrite for £10.

June 15, 2017