UKIP Announces Candidate For London Assembly Seat

Elizabeth Jones hopes to win Wandsworth seat in May

UKIP has selected Elizabeth Jones to stand for the London Assembly seat of Merton and Wandsworth in May’s London regional elections.

“By electing me to the London Assembly, ordinary people living here in Merton and Wandsworth will ensure they will get heard by the new Mayor of London next year,” said family law solicitor Elizabeth, who lives in Clapham.

“The biggest single thing that the London government does is transport, and I endure, along with many hundreds of thousands of my fellows, the miseries of our suburban railway network here in south London every single day. I know what people’s priorities are – they require safe, reasonably priced, reliable and dignified public transport,” said Elizabeth, who has also campaigned against hospital parking charges.

“We must also put a stop to the profligate waste of hard-pressed people’s tax money on huge pay deals for Transport for London’s obscenely overpaid executives – those many millions of pounds must be diverted to actual transport improvements,” promised Ms Jones, a seasoned UKIP campaigner, who became the second woman - after the late Lady Margaret Thatcher - to stand in a General Election for the Kent seat of Dartford, where she scooped 20% of the vote.

Elizabeth is hoping to replace Conservative AM Richard Tracey, who is retiring at the election. The other candidates announced so far are Merton Councillor David Dean (Conservative), Wandsworth Councillor Leonie Cooper (Labour) and Esther Obiri-Darko (Green Party).

January 10, 2016