Do You Have An Unwanted Vehicle?

The Council will remove it for free

Residents who have an old car or van they no longer want can contact the council and get it taken away and officially scrapped for free.

With scrap metal dealers now charging owners anything between £25 and £50 to remove unwanted vehicles, the council’s free take-away offer is the best deal around.

Taking advantage of this offer also means that owners can rest assured that their vehicle is disposed of legally and that the DVLA is officially notified that you no longer own it.

Arranging for its proper removal also means that residents won’t face penalties for owning an untaxed vehicle or abandoning it on the highway. The DVLA regularly prosecutes people who don’t have a valid tax disc, while the council can issue £200 fixed penalty notices to people who abandon unwanted cars.

To take up the offer, owners must provide the main part of the V5 registration document or log book. If you do not have the log book, an official reminder letter from the DVLA that the vehicle needs top be taxed will be sufficient, as will a valid copy of an insurance certificate.

Owners must also complete a simple application form, which can be downloaded from the council’s website, authorising the vehicle’s surrender.  Once this paperwork has been received by the council’s operational services team, the vehicle can be removed within two working days.

Alternatively, if it can still be driven, owners can bring the vehicle to the council’s depot at Frogmore House in Dormay Street, Wandsworth, along with the required paperwork. This can be done at any time between 7.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. This will save money for council tax payers and also ensure that processing the documents can be completed while the owner waits.


  January 8, 2011

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For find out more about this service and to download the application form visit Alternatively call (020) 8871 6708 or email