Wandsworth Birth Rate Rises Again

The borough rate has reached an all time high

The total number of babies born to mothers living in Wandsworth was 5,400 – an increase of nearly 100 births compared to the previous year.  The data was compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) as part of their mid-year population estimates. It includes all births between 1 July, 2009 and 30 June, 2010. The figures are rounded to the nearest 100 births.

Wandsworth’s birth rate was the third highest among all 33 London boroughs. Newham came top with 6,100, followed by Ealing with 5,700.

The number of babies born each year in Wandsworth has increased by 29 per cent over the last ten years. The mid-year total for 2000-01 was 4,200.

Executive member for finance and corporate resources Cllr Guy Senior said: 

"Our high birth rate reflects the borough’s long standing popularity with young families. A combination of excellent schools, an abundance of green open space, a low crime rate and the country’s lowest council tax bills make Wandsworth a highly desirable place to bring up children.”

London's total birth rate also rose over the last 12 months. The number of babies born across the capital went up by 3,100 to reach a total of 131,000.

Cllr Senior continues:
“The challenge now facing local authorities is to meet the demands of a growing population at a time when funding for local services is being reduced. To do this we must scrutinise and improve every aspect of what we do and find better ways of working with local people. We need to be innovative, radical and must take full advantage of the new freedoms being handed back to local communities by the central government.

“There will be some very difficult decision to make along the way but I believe we will emerge from this process as a more efficient local authority with closer links to local people.”

Mid-year population data is available on the ONS website at www.statistics.gov.uk


July 26, 2011

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