Police Display Disorder CCTV Footage On Ad Vans

Positioned around Wandsworth to help identify suspects

Advertising vans are being positioned around Wandsworth displaying CCTV images of wanted people in connection with the recent disorder and violence in Wandsworth in August 2011.
The van will be placed around the borough between 9am - 5pm in the following locations on the dates in September indicated below ;

• 22nd - Church Square Putney
• 24th - Sainsbury's car park Garratt Lane
• 24th - Tooting Broadway
• 26th -Clapham Junction
• 27th - Clapham Junction

Members of the community are being called upon to i dentify the people featured in the footage by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and quoting the relevant reference number.

Local officers will be accompanying the screen at all times and be on hand to engage with the community and update them on results to date.

Wandsworth’s Acting Borough Commander Gerry Campbell said:
“These are some of the suspects who caused harm, disorder, looting and crime in your community. Please help us to identify and find them. I can state categorically that suspects will continue to be arrested over the coming weeks and months. I am absolutely determined to ensure that people involved in crimes on this borough are arrested and held to account for their behaviour and the damage that they have caused within your community. We owe it to
the community, our local businesses and others affected to ensure this is done.”

September 19, 2011