Wandsworth Crime Rates Down, Met Police Report

Richard Tracey welcomes crime reduction in his constituency

The Met Police has published figures for the year to March showing crime in Wandsworth fell 3.03%.

Merton and Wandsworth London Assembly member, Richard Tracey said that the falls in his constituency’s crime rates are “very encouraging”.
 “I am pleased to see that crime continues to fall across my constituency, although this success is no reason for complacency.
“These falls are, I believe, proof that the Mayor’s crime strategies are working.
“But in order to continue this success, it is crucial that we target the factors behind crime, which includes long-term prevention: targeting particular groups.
“There’s also now a lot more common-sense policing, for example new single patrol police officers. So in Wandsworth and Merton alone, we are seeing 7,267 more police patrols a year than when officers patrolled in pairs – and that’s having an effect.”

Since 2008 Wandsworth has had an extra 20 police officers and 26 Police Community Support Officers on to the beat.
Wandsworth crime reduction is the eighth largest drop in London.
Crime in Merton fell by 0.8% in the year to March
The Total Notifiable Offences (TNOs) figure in London is down by 6,723 offences in the last 12 months compared to 2009/10.  This is the lowest level of recorded crime for over 10 years.

Figures are from “Crime in London – 2010/11 financial year crime summary”, published by the Metropolitan Police Service.
May 1st, 2011