Met Police Advice For Diamond Jubilee Weekend

How to stay safe and have a good time

Final preparations are underway this week as the Metropolitan Police Service readies itself to police the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh, said: "London will be extremely busy over the extended weekend, so if you're thinking about coming along plan ahead as you may end up disappointed if you cannot get the view you want.

Remember thereare also screens that you can watch the events from. "Check with event organisers so you understand what's happening and plan your journey in advance, allowing plenty of time to get around. "When in central London make sure you keep an eye on your belongings,stay with friends or family you've come out with and have a great day." Please use the following tips to plan your weekend: - Plan your journey in advance and allow plenty of time to get around - buses, tubes and stations will be busier than usual and it will take longer to get onto a bus/tube. For further information see - Check the times of last trains, and plan to leave London early if you're concerned about getting home as there will be no additional late night trains.

Large numbers of people may flock to certain tube and rail stations, so if you can, you may want to consider an alternative route to avoid waiting.

- Don't drive into central London unless it's absolutely essential

- many roads and bridges will be closed.

- Viewing areas are expected to fill up quickly. Stewards will direct you to an alternative location, if necessary. Please follow their advice

- you may have to wait to prevent overcrowding

- Bring suitable clothing for the weather, if it is hot drink water and bring sunscreen.

Further information about the security operation

- Sunday 3 June - River Pageant: For the Pageant we'll carry out searches of specific boats using search dogs, bridges will be searched by our rope climbing team and under the water divers will search piers and the shore line in some key areas.

You'll see twenty one MPS vessels playing a part in our marine operation, plus two lent to us by Essex Police - a mix of marked patrol boats and rigid inflatable boats. Some stationary whilst others will be moving. All the boats have been through an accreditation process led by the Pageant organisers.

- Monday 5 June - Concert: Much of the security for the concert will be carried out behind the scenes but needless to say a thorough search of the area where the concert is held and surrounding area will be carried out by our search dogs and specialist search officers will carry out searches of drains and roadside furniture. Stewards will manage the crowds but officers will play a part in deterring crime and intervening in the event of disorder.

- Tuesday 6 June - Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral and carriage procession: The whole of the route will be subject to searches by specialist search officers from from Buckingham Palace to St Paul's Cathedral and on to Mansion House and Westminster Hall and the return to Buckingham Palace.

DAC Kavanagh, said: "There's a spectacular programme of events lined up for the Queen's Jubilee, and the officers and staff I speak to are tremendously proud to be a part of it. "For any event involving the Queen you'll obviously expect to see security in place, but we want everyone who comes to join in the celebrations to have a great time.

"We'll be drawing on years of experience of policing Royal events, from last year's Royal Wedding to the Silver and Golden Jubilees, to make sure this is a fantastic celebration for the Queen and everyone marking the occasion with her."

With three such different celebrations, moving from a focus on the River Thames for the pageant, to the streets of central London, for the concert and procession, policing for each event has to be tailored to each day. All 21 Marine Policing Unit boats will be on the water for the Pageant, plus two lent to us by Essex Police.

All the events, however, will have security measures in common, some of which will be visible, others out of sight. Specialist officers will carry out extensive searches before the events, along the river and on boats for the Pageant, around the area where the concert will be held and along the route of the carriage procession. On the busiest days up to 6,000 officers will be working on the operation.

Across London normal policing will continue, with officers on patrol and responding to urgent calls from the public. As part of the operation officers will also get to be a part of the ceremony of the occasion. The MPS's grey escort, a familiar sight at such events, will lead the Royal Carriage Procession as the Queen and members of the Royal Family travel around central London. Along the route officers will be posted wearing their dress uniforms, of smart tunics and white gloves.

May 26, 2012

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