Half-Term Fun At The Wandsworth Museum

Kids get to pass a rainy day revisiting the past

Become Part of History at Wandsworth Museum with the Time Capsule.... During February kids collecting objects for a Wandsworth Museum Time Capsule. Bring in an object of your choice and write down (in 50 words or less) why you think it best represents the people and culture of Wandsworth today.

The lucky winners’ objects will be put on display in the museum. Then in March they will be buried in the time capsule in the museum grounds for the Wandsworth people of 2111 to discover!

February Half-Term Activities 11.00am – 4.00pm 

Tuesday 22nd       What do YOU want in the museum of the future

Imagine a world without mobile phones – how did we communicate? Imagine a world without    electricity – what did we use for light?  Come and find out as The Wandsworth Museum examines objects from the past and the present … then take a peep into the future and invent your own piece of technology

Wednesday 23rd   DIG DAY

Archaeologists dig things up but how do they find out what these strange objects mean? Work with an archaeologist to discover what lies beneath our feet, and the stories these objects can tell. Discover the mysterious treasures in the indoors          Wandsworth museum excavation and help build the story of Wandsworth’s past.

Thursday 24th   Mapping the centuries

What was it like to live in Wandsworth in 1760?  Or 1880?  Take a look at our huge floor maps and see if you can work out what Wandsworth was like in the time of our ancestors. Can you find clues about how Wandsworth in the past is like Wandsworth today?  And can you help predict what the future Wandsworth landscape will be like?

Friday 25th      A fashion show through the ages

Clothes were very different in the past and the best way to find out what they were like is to actually wear them! Try on a selection of costumes from a Roman slave to a Victorian governess. What would YOU look like as Tudor? Capture your great new look on film or design your own portrait!

Wandsworth Museum
38 West Hill, Wandsworth,
London UK, SW18 1RZ
0208 870 6060


February 18, 2011