Pets In War-Time Britain

Author of Bonzo's War talks at Wandsworth Museum

Wednesday 21st January 2015, at Wandsworth Museum, 38 West Hill, SW18 1RX

7pm for a 7.30pm start                                   

£6 at the door, all proceeds to go to the Museum

What happened to our pets in WWII? Taking them to shelters was banned, they had no food rations and officials plotted to put down ‘non-economic’ animals, prompting the redoubtable Duchess of Hamilton to say ‘Dogs…are friends of the soldiers, they are protectors of the lonely, comfort for the weary, joy to the children...’ Many animals were evacuated, some were recruited for action and others were even taken surreptitiously on bombing raids over Germany.

Bonzo's War

Journalist Claire Campbell and her co-author husband, Christy, an expert on defence matters, will speak about the surprising things they learned when researching for Claire's book Bonzo’s War.


January 14, 2015