January Deadline For Primary School Applications

Parents reminded applications for places need submitting

Parents are being reminded that they have until mid-January to submit their applications if they want their children to start at a state primary school next September.

Parents living in the borough must submit their applications to the council by Tuesday, January 15.

Parents can apply for a place at up to six state-run primary schools, listing each one in order of preference. These schools can either be in Wandsworth or another borough.

To be eligible for a reception class place in September 2013, children must have been born between September 1, 2008 and August 31, 2009.

If your child is already in a nursery class at a local primary school, you must still apply for a place in a reception class. Being in a nursery class does not automatically mean your child will be eligible for a place in the reception class or that you will be offered a place at the same school.

If your child has an older brother or sister already attending the school of your choice, you must still apply and your older children must still be attending the school next September in order to be given sibling priority for a place.

Parents who wish to apply for a place at a church or faith school will need to study that school’s admission criteria carefully to make sure they will be eligible for a place.

Once parents have made their choices, the easiest way for them to submit their application is to do it online at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/admissions.

Alternatively parents can fill in the application form provided in the council's Choose a Wandsworth Primary School brochure.

All parents are advised to read this brochure which gives detailed advice and guidance on how to make an application and contains simple and straightforward information about all the borough's 57 state funded primary schools, including their admission criteria, details of after-school care schemes and other early-years services.

Cllr Kathy Tracey, Wandsworth's executive member for education and children’s services said: "It is absoDecember 19, 2012don’t miss the important deadline of Tuesday, January 15 to submit their applications.

“Parents who have not already reached their final decisions should read our brochure. It contains plenty of information about the borough’s primary schools and offers a simple guide to how the admissions process works.”


December 15, 2012