Local Charity Supports Unrepresented Litigants

Providing an invaluable service for those in need

The Personal Support Unit (PSU) was established in 2001 to provide non-legal practical and emotional support to litigants in person or those who cannot afford legal representation, witnesses, family members and other supporters. The PSU only appears in the civil courts, and the service is free, confidential and independent.

Every day people appear at court for hearings about matters which will have a dramatic impact on the rest of their lives – including insolvency, eviction, debt, asylum, divorce and contact with children. The courts are a daunting environment at the best of times but for those attending these kinds of hearings alone, without the benefit of a solicitor, it can be a bewildering experience. If litigants are stressed and uneasy in court, they may struggle to present their case effectively and this will inevitably impact on the outcome of the hearing.

The PSU is an independent charity providing practical information and emotional support to unrepresented litigants, to help them get a fair hearing in the civil courts. The charity operates in three courts in London – the Royal Courts of Justice, the Principal Registry of the Family Division and Wandsworth County Court. The PSU also provides a service at Manchester Civil Justice Centre, and Cardiff. For those needing the PSU's services they may be contacted in the Wandsworth County Court on 0208-333-4366 during office hours and on wandsworth@thepsu.org.uk.

October 28, 2011

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