Festive Parking

Make sure you and your guests don't get caught out


Over the Christmas and New Year period, there are some changes to the usual enforcement of parking controls
the opening hours of the Customer Service Centre and the Parking Helpline the opening hours of libraries

Any changes to parking controls apply to all public highways that are enforced by Wandsworth Council throughout the borough; in other words, not the Transport for London Road Network (previously Priority Red Route), which is generally characterised by red lines and bay markings. Housing estates, where Parking Regulation Schemes operate, will have their own arrangements.

Parking enforcement
25 Dec 2012
26 Dec 2012
1 Jan 2013

On these days, parking controls are not enforced in parking bays in controlled parking zones. For example, a pay and display ticket or permit need not be displayed.

However, enforcement action will continue to apply to those vehicles, which are parked in a manner which may seriously inconvenience or jeopardise the safety of others. All yellow lines are enforced, including those in parking bays (often sited in bus lanes) which allow parking during off-peak hours. Enforcement action may also be taken against vehicles obstructing dropped kerbs at junctions, in front of driveways, in specialist bays such as doctors' bays and mandatory disabled bays and those in contravention of those regulations enforced by CCTV (Banned left turns, driving in a bus lane/the opposite direction in a one way street).
Normal enforcement will operate every day except the Bank Holidays.

December 19, 2012