Battersea Church Road Pedestrian Safety Improvements Under Way

After large majority of locals supported new measures

Battersea Church Road winds through Wandsworth's back streets. Image: Google Maps

Work is about to begin on a series of road safety measures designed to improve pedestrian safety and encourage motorists to drive carefully on one of Battersea’s busiest roads.

The works involve a series of design changes at four key junctions in Battersea Church Road which will make it safer, quicker and easier for pedestrians to cross.

Safer crossing points will be installed at the following junctions:

Sunbury Lane
Crewkerne Court
Bolingbroke Walk
Condray Place

The changes will involve the construction of kerbside extensions meaning shorter distances for pedestrians to travel when crossing the carriageway.

Two new digital signs are also being installed that are activated when approaching vehicles are travelling at excess speed. Research shows that drivers do slow down when their vehicles light up these signs.

These illuminated digital signs will be placed on both approaches to the bend in Battersea Church Road near St Mary’s Church and Vicarage Walk.

In a recent public consultation exercise, 76 per cent of local people who responded supported the proposals.

July 28, 2017