Urgent Plea From Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Homes desperately needed for unwanted cats and kittens

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is issuing an urgent appeal to all cat lovers to consider giving a home to an unwanted cat. The holiday and kitten seasons mean the charity’s catteries are full to the brim and almost 220 felines are waiting for loving owners to come along and offer them a home.

Summer is always a challenging time for the charity’s three catteries. A combination of the kitten season and fewer people looking to take on pets because of summer holidays means there is often a ‘backlog’ of cats, and cats that would find new homes within a few days are staying much longer. Battersea will care for cats and dogs for as long as it takes to find a suitable home and has some cats that have been in the cattery for over four months.

Current residents at Battersea’s cattery include Sam, a 12 week old kitten who was found in a London park dumped in a box with his mum and four siblings, and 17 year olds Kelly and Lucky who came into the Home together as their owner sadly passed away.  

Ros Davies, Battersea Rehomer says: “Rehoming has already slowed down but now the summer holidays are here we’re really concerned it will slow down even more. We call the summer “kitten season” here, as we get so many in, and this year’s no exception. Our cattery’s full and we’re really keen to find good homes for our cats. The more cats we can find homes for, the more we can help.”

Last year Battersea Dogs & Cats Home cared for almost three thousand cats. While many cats come into the Home as strays, over 40 per cent come in as their owners can no longer look after them, and Battersea has seen the number of these enquiries double in the last year.

Ali Evans, Battersea’s Intake Co-ordinator comments: “We’re getting a massive number of calls from people who can’t look after their cat any more. Last month alone we had over 350 calls compared to just over 200 the month before. This time of year we get lots of unwanted litters – people simply aren’t getting their cat neutered.”

Battersea advises people to think carefully before taking on the commitment of a new pet and also to think about any changes that may happen in the future. Ali Evans adds: “Taking on a cat costs time and money and sadly people don’t give it enough thought. Another big issue is people aren’t getting their cats spayed or neutered. Cats can have kittens from as young as four months old and up to four litters a year, averaging four to six kittens per litter, so you can see how populations can explode.”

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home gives all potential new owners help and advice before taking on a cat. If you think you can offer a cat a loving new home please contact Battersea on 0207 627 9234 or email cat.rehoming@battersea.org.uk

July 26, 2011