Adopt A Dog And Help Yourself To A Healthier 2019

Says Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

This New Year, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home are encouraging those who can, to adopt a dog in a bid to improve their own lifestyle while changing a dog’s life at the same time.

"Every New Year, millions of people across the world will set themselves resolutions to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Promising to lose weight, get fitter and look after our mental health are all some of the most common goals, and rehoming a rescue dog can help tick all those boxes," said a spokesperson.

Battersea points out that research shows that owning a dog can reduce the risk of heart disease by 23%. The exercise that dog ownership brings can also promote weight loss and lower blood pressure, leading to better physical health.

In addition, dog ownership has proven to be good for our mental health. Dog walking and training classes encourages people to be more sociable with one and other, tackling loneliness and isolation.

Just relaxing with your dog increases oxytocin production, which is known as the ‘happy hormone’. Once this is released, it has a calming effect throughout the body, helping people to feel less stressed.

Ali Taylor, Head of Canine Behaviour at Battersea, says, “So many people will set themselves New Year’s resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle this year, and what better way to do it than to change the life of a rescue dog at the same time?”

“Owning a dog can not only lead to a healthier lifestyle, but a happier one too. All of the dogs here are hoping for a second chance at a happy life, and have so much love to give, we don’t doubt that they could make someone’s 2019 happier.”

“We’d encourage anyone who is in the position to adopt a dog, to consider getting one from Battersea. There are such a vast variety of dogs here looking for homes. Whether you’re looking to head out on long walks, or just a potter around the corner, we are dedicated to finding the perfect dog for you and the perfect homes for our dogs.”

If you’re interested in giving a dog a home this year, please visit to find out more.


January 5, 2019