Battersea High Street To Get A Makeover

Locals have overwhelmingly supported improvement plans for the market area

Battersea High Street To Get A Makeover

A £900,000 facelift is expected to be approved for sprucing up Battersea High Street following an overwhelming response from local people to a public consultation earlier this year.

In total, 84 per cent of those who took part in the consultation were in favour of measures drawn up to improve the southern section of the High Street between its junctions with Battersea Park Road and Simpson Street. Only nine per cent were opposed.

Environmental improvements were outlined in response to requests from local residents and businesses who wanted better facilities introduced for the high street's small street market and also for pedestrians and cyclists.

Under the plans, which have been slightly revised to take account of feedback raised during the consultation, the high street will remain essentially vehicle-free but with better paving, less street furniture, the creation of two small “pocket” green spaces and the planting of about a dozen new trees.

Battersea High Street To Get A Makeover
The market area as it currently looks

Parking provision will be retained for existing businesses, but relocated to provide improved space for pedestrians and cyclists while additional bike stands will also be installed near shops.

The total cost of the scheme is £900,000. Councillors ae being asked to commit £575,000 from council budgets towards the scheme with the remainder coming from transport grants awarded to each London borough by Transport for London. TfL will need to formally confirm that it approves using £325,000 of its grant to Wandsworth for this scheme.

Highways and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said, “We believe this scheme will make a big difference to the appearance and atmosphere of the high street, make it safer and more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists and much more pleasant for people who live and work in this part of Battersea.”

Battersea High Street To Get A Makeover

Cllr Rory O’Broin, Wandsworth’s cabinet member for economic development, skills and employment, added, “Local businesses have been calling for the high street to get a facelift and we’ve listened to what they’ve told us and drawn up a comprehensive list of improvements that will make the area a much more welcoming place for shoppers and visitors.

“This scheme will improve the look and feel of the high street and support its economic growth and activity.”

Work is likely to begin in the Spring.


September 19, 2018