Battersea War Memorial Awarded Listed Status

The Citizens of Battersea shelter is on York Road

A memorial that commemorates civilians from Battersea who lost their lives in World War Two has been granted listed building status by English Heritage.

The Citizens of Battersea War Memorial in Christchurch Gardens on York Road has been named a Grade II listed monument by the national conservation watchdog. 

The monument consists of sheltered public seating within the small neighbourhood green space off Cabul Road, where people can quietly pay their respects to civilians from Battersea whose lives were mainly lost in Second World War bombing raids.

Battersea War Memorial Awarded Listed Status

The monument was first unveiled in 1952, next to the ruins of a mid-19th century church which was itself bombed and destroyed during the war.

The replacement church that now stands at this location – Christ Church and St Stephen - was built in 1959. Christchurch Gardens was the original churchyard but converted to a public open space in 1885. 


Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “This is a monument to the ordinary men, women and children of Battersea whose lives were lost mainly as a result of air raids. 

“There are of course many memorials to the servicemen and women who fought and died in the war but very few exist to commemorate victims of the German bombing campaign which took so many civilian lives, not just in London but in towns and cities across the country.

“It is very touching that this special memorial in Battersea has been recognised in this way.”


September 2, 2015