Smart New Street Scene For Bellevue Road

Shopping parade gets a comprehensive make-over

Bellevue Road
Wandsworth Common’s Bellevue Road shopping parade is sporting a new look following a £440,000 environmental improvement scheme.

Council engineers have just completed an extensive programme of streetscape improvements, that are designed to make the area more attractive not only for local residents but also to encourage more shoppers to visit local businesses that front this popular parade of shops, bars and restaurants.

Smart New Street Scene For Bellevue Road in Wandsworth SW18

The works include the introduction of new high quality York stone pavements, new street trees, more cycle parking, better street lighting, additional pedestrian safety measures, improved anti-theft security for motorcycles  and the removal of redundant street furniture.

The programme of works was drawn up following a detailed public consultation earlier this year, and are now being implemented along the stretch of Bellevue Road between Trinity Road and St James’s Drive. 

Smart New Street Scene For Bellevue Road in Wandsworth SW18

“This project is delivering a real boost to this important local shopping parade,” transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said.

“The changes have made a real difference to the look and feel of Bellevue Road, making it much more attractive for residents, shoppers and visitors.

“As well as the smart and attractive new paving, better lighting and the improved bicycle parking we have made it a lot safer for pedestrians as they visit its thriving shops, cafés and restaurants.” 

Funding for the scheme has been raised via a levy on housing developers in the area to pay for improvements that benefit the wider community. 

November 30, 2018