Wandsworth Constituency Boundary Changes Attract Wide-Ranging Comments

Plus a second chance to give your views on Parliamentary shake-up

Boundary Commission Proposes Larger Constituencies For Wandsworth
Current boundaries in blue. Proposed boundaries in red

Plans to change Parliamentary constituencies in Wandsworth attracted scores of local comments during a nationwide consultation process.

Local comments ranged from those who fully supported the proposed changes to strong objections. Enter your postcode on the Boundary Commission for England website for the full rundown of local comment.

The planned shake-up of MPs' constituencies is being made to reduce the number of UK seats from 650 to 600. The number of constituencies in London must reduce from 73 to 68. Parliament has specified that the changes are needed to make the number of electors in each constituency more equal and that changes comply with legal requirements.

The Boundary Commission of England conducted a review of local constituency boundaries that will affect Wandsworth at the end of last year. It is now inviting comments to the submissions, as well as responses to any counter proposals which have been submitted. There is a March 27 deadline to make a response.

Under the proposals for Wandsworth the Putney, Roehampton and Southfields constituency will retain all its existing six wards and add two Merton borough wards - Wimbledon Park and Village (including Wimbledon Common), while the map above shows that the Tooting and Battersea constituencies will each gain a ward.

The new Putney constituency would be renamed Wimbledon Common and Putney to reflect the fact that the reconfiguration includes Wimbledon Common wholly in one constituency.

In Tooting the Boundary Commission is proposing that the seven wards from the existing constituencies are retained, and that the Merton ward of Graveney is added.

Battersea proposals also include retaining all its current seven wards and that it is brought within the electoral quota by including the Lambeth borough ward of Thornton.

The Boundary Commission is an independent public organisation which has been asked by Parliament to review all the constituency boundaries in England. The law requires the size and shape of constituencies to be reviewed periodically, to stay in line with demographic changes in the electorate.

March 7, 2017