Battersea Power Station Chimneys To Help Aid Sleep

With a new night-time illumination system emitting calming white light

Battersea Power Station Chimneys To Help Aid Sleep

Battersea Power Station's iconic chimneys at Circus West Village are are now lit up at night with a particular light aimed at soothing and calming sleepy local residents.

The new chimneys are, in most important respects, completely the same as the old ones but there is one slight difference. It’s the subtle colouring of the white light reflecting from the chimneys at night which aim to provide such important benefits for people living in the area around them.

The Battersea Power Station Development Company explains that white light is made up of a mixture of different frequencies with different colours. The human body reacts very differently to different mixtures: in particular it is sensitive to the presence of higher frequencies towards the blue end of the spectrum, which is why the blue light emitted by electronic gadgets can seriously disrupt our sleep patterns and melatonin levels.

Accordingly, the new illumination system of the Battersea Power Station chimneys is programmed to be aware of sunset and sunrise. As the sun sets, the chimney floodlights illuminate to 2800K, not dissimilar to an old-fashioned ‘warm’ white lightbulb and well down out of the blue range. This provides an impressive spectacle until the lights shut down at the end of the evening to save power, but it won’t delay anyone’s sleep cycle, reduce their melatonin production, or impair their alertness and performance the next day.

While it's probably not a good idea to check your phone obsessively as you wind down during the evening, it's perfectly OK to gaze at the Battersea Power Station chimneys.

November 15, 2017