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How events get featured on this site

If you regularly host events in the area sign up for Google Calendar and we will allow you to enter details directly on our site.

For coverage on the home page of this site and our newsletter which goes to over 800 local people send us full details of your event.

First priority goes to events which are paying to be listed. Any community based non-profit events will receive prominent coverage subject to the availability of space.

Commercial events can get free coverage but during busy times of the year there is often no available space.

Generally events from outside the area are not listed unless there is a significant connection with Wandsworth.

If you are paying to promote your events in other local media don't expect a significant amount of free coverage on this site. Costs for event promotion start at £30.

If an event at your favourite venue or club doesn't appear on our site just tell the organisers to get in touch with us and it will be added.