New Battersea Sign Tackles Clapham Confusion

Making clear that Clapham Junction is actually in Battersea

A long-running campaign to clear up confusion about where London's biggest transport hub actually is, received a major boost tlast week when a "Welcome to the Heart of Battersea” sign was officially unveiled at Clapham Junction Station.

For 150 years people have been arriving at the station expecting to walk out into Clapham – only to find they’re in Battersea some mile and a half away.

The cause of the confusion dates back to when the famous railway station first opened. The authorities of the day named it Clapham Junction after the more affluent district next door.

The problem has been compounded over the years by local businesses choosing to inApril 16, 2014uo; – to the outrage of proud local residents.

They say they are passionate about their local area and hope the new sign will help turn the tide of the creeping ‘Claphamisation’.

April 14, 2014