25th Anniversary Of Clapham Junction Rail Disaster

Ceremony remembers the lost lives

The 25th anniversary of the Clapham Junction rail disaster, in which 35 people lost their lives has been marked with a ceremony of remembrance at the permanent memorial in Spencer Park, Trinity Road.

Mayor of Wandsworth Cllr Angela Graham said: “We look back and remember the thirty five lives lost on that awful day and reflect on the grief and suffering caused to thousands more. This was a deeply tragic event in the history of our borough which left many deep scars here in Wandsworth. It changed many lives forever and had a profound affect on the rail industry which is felt to this day.

“We also give thanks to the brave men and women – many of them local people - who took part in the rescue effort. Their bravery helped save the lives of people left injured and prevented this horrendous tragedy from being even worse.”

The rail disaster happened at 8.10am on December 12, 1988. Two passenger trains crashed outside Clapham Junction Station and shortly after a third train collided with the wreckage.

Thirty-five people died and close to five hundred people were injured.

An inquiry found that the crash was caused by a signalling fault.

The picture shows Cllr Graham laying flowers at the permanent memorial site today at Spencer Park, Wandsworth.

December 14, 2013