Get Naked For Art & Be Part Of The Big Draw 2012

Ever wanted to be an artists’ model & pose naked for artists?

Spirited Bodies is looking for up to 50 models for multi-model life art event at Battersea Arts Centre as part of The Big Draw campaign on 20 October 2012.

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival running throughout October all over the UK. Every year more people across the world join in Big Draw events and engage in creative activities.

Posing naked for artists is a scary prospect for most people – yet can increase body confidence. Many participants in previous Spirited Bodies events have found a positive reconnection with their physical selves.

Previous participants say:

‘I never thought that I would have been able to stand in front of 50 people naked … but now it’s like this huge check mark in life … and it feels wonderful.’

‘The experience triggered many things after, around me and inside me and I am very glad that I had the courage to do something like that.’

‘To be drawn by a group of artists was my way of giving myself value … It was a way of overcoming the bad body image I have developed since menopause.’

‘I enjoyed feeling unselfconscious about my body, and I enjoyed the challenge of staying still… I enjoyed having such attention not for something that I had done or said, but simply to help the artists to do what they love doing; there was every chance of succeeding in the task just by existing’

‘Seeing the sketches done of me was definitely my favourite part; it was interesting to see my body through another person’s eyes, and made me realise that though my body isn’t perfect, it’s still beautiful. Many young women have problems centred around their body image, including myself, and modelling has – I feel – helped me with that.’

Esther Bunting, artistic director, Spirited Bodies, says:
‘We are looking for people of all physical types, all ages, all ethnicities, whether men or women. We’d love to have pregnant women participate or pensioners or someone who is significantly overweight, just as much as a gymnast or a dancer. The artists appreciate the opportunity to work from many models at once and relish the range of types and age.’

Spirited Bodies wants at least 50 people to sign up to be artists models for half a day on 20 October 2012 at Battersea Arts Centre, an event co-hosted by London Drawing, who will be supporting and encouraging the artists. 25 models will model in the morning, 25 in the afternoon. Would-be models will be interviewed by Spirited Bodies to highlight what they want to achieve and to ensure that no one participates who has expectations that cannot be met. There will be several workshops before the event where would-be models will get the chance to benefit from advice given by professional artists models, the opportunity to draw a bit themselves and ask any questions they might have about how the process works.

Spirited Bodies supports, encourages and enables people to be an artist’s model for a few hours, to discover some of the benefits that professional models find from modelling. Modelling for artists can be a meditative experience as well as a physical challenge. Spirited Bodies is unique in providing a group modelling opportunity, which is significantly less scary than modelling individually as a first time experience. Most Spirited Bodies participants come for a one-off experience to mark a personal milestone, although some are interested in finding out whether this is job they could do. Professional models sometimes participate in Spirited Bodies events because they want the opportunity to model in a group, which is very different from being the sole focus for artists, and to explore opportunities for artistic expression and performance.

If you are interested in participating as a model, please contact Esther Bunting or Lucy Saunders of Spirited Bodies.


August 22, 2012