Curtain Pole Burglars Arrested

Police remind residents to take care and not become a victim of "fishing"

On Saturday 14 August 2010 at 4:55 am, a call was received by Police from a member of the public regarding two men acting suspiciously walking down Westover Rd SW18 with a white bag and what appeared to be a fishing rod.

The two suspects were seen to approach the front doors of houses on their way down the road.

Officers were quick on scene. The suspects were seen at the letter box of a property and were arrested. Police knocked on the door of the property and the occupant answered, a long curtain rail was found in the hallway which would appear to have been pushed through by the suspects on police arrival.

A spokesman for Wandswort Police told us:
"‘Common law states that any implement used such as the curtain pole in this instance is an extension of the body, and as such if the implement has entered the property through the letter box, the person is seen as having entered. The fact that the curtain pole was recovered inside the property shows entry was effective."

Remember -

- Don’t leave your house/ car keys lying on a hall table, near the front door or anywhere where a criminal could “Go Fishing”
- Keep keys out of sight and in a safe place.



August 25, 2010