Former Police Officer Jailed for Dangerous Driving

Seriously injured moped rider in collision on Garratt Lane

A former police officer has been jailed for running over a moped rider and then falsely claiming he was involved in a high speed chase.

Paul Baker, aged 30, formerly of Kingston Borough police, was returning in a marked police car from central London at around 1.30pm on 2nd December 2011 when he was was in collision with a moped on Garratt Lane at the junction with Ram Street, Wandsworth. The rider of the moped sustained serious leg injuries and was taken to hospital. He has still not fully recovered from his injuries.

Initially Baker claimed that he was chasing another vehicle. When the Directorate of Professional Standards launched an investigation into the incident and viewed the CCTV relating to the three miles that Baker travelled through London at speeds of over 50 mph using his blue lights and sirens, there was no evidence of the vehicle he claimed to be chasing. When Baker was challenged he admitted that he had lied.

He was sentenced to two months imprisonment for dangerous driving and six months imprisonment for misconduct in a public office after pleading guilty at Southwark Crown Court today (5th December). The sentences are to run consecutively.

Baker was placed on restricted duties and resigned from the Metropolitan Police service on 19 January 2012.

Commander Allan Gibson, Directorate of Professional Standards said: "Every officer in the Met who is trained to drive using blue lights knows the responsibility that goes with using them, Baker abused these important emergency driving procedures and was using them inappropriately.

"Officers are not above the law, we expect high standards of our officers and the Directorate of Professional Standards will take action against those who are found to let the rest of the service and the public down."

December 6, 2012

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