Police Custody Centre Proposed for Wandsworth High Street

Police Station to become custody cells

Wandsworth Police are proposing to build a new specialist custody facility on Wandsworth High Street, on the site of Wandsworth Police Station. The site has been selected for its operational advantages and, as it is currently used as a police station, it would not require a major change of use.
A design has been developed which retains the current frontage of the building and fits in well with its surroundings. A new front counter at a Safer Neighbourhoods Base at Hardwick Place would replace the one currently at Wandsworth police station.
Many of the custody cells currently in use across Wandsworth were built more than 30 years ago and do not meet today’s modern standards. Having them scattered across three locations in the borough also means that officers have to spend additional time travelling between different parts of Wandsworth. This can impact on their ability to police the streets and is costly and time-consuming. The new facility would provide an enhanced custody environment for detainees, with specially designed cells which minimise self harm and meet modern standards.
Chief Superintendent David Musker says:
“By locating the cells at a strategic point in the Borough we will be
able to save money, improve efficiency and enable more frontline
A public exhibition on October 9th which will give locals the opportunity to see the plans, meet the local policing team and give their comments on the proposals. It will be held at the Wandsworth Museum, 38 West Hill, Wandsworth, from 10am to 4pm.
Wandsworth Police can also be contacted by email at www.wandsworth.police@met.police.uk or by post to Battersea Police Station, Battersea Bridge Rd, London SW11 3AF.

October 5th, 2010