Facelift For Bramford Gardens

'Pocket park' gets upgrade with shared cycle and pedestrian path

Bramford Gardens, which is a convenient route bypassing Swandon Way near Wandsworth roundabout that’s heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists has been upgraded.

The ‘pocket park ‘ is used by around 5,000 people a day, has a new look shared cycle and pedestrian route.

Two tarmac paths that previously ran through the green space have been incorporated into one wider path – which has more room for people on foot and on bicycles.

The tarmac has been replaced with a new permeable resin surface which should prevent waterlogging.

New signage and a new bench have also been installed and more trees will be planted later in the year. The low railings which border the park’s flower beds have also been re-painted.

The newly upgraded shared cycle and pedestrian route

Wandsworth Borough Transport spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said, “This is a popular and busy route for pedestrians travelling to and from Wandsworth Town station and also for cyclists heading to and from Battersea and across the river towards Hammersmith and Fulham.

“The newly installed shared path is easily wide enough for both sets of commuters to use quite safely. And because the new surface offers better drainage it should prevent puddles forming so walkers will no longer get splashed by passing bikes and are less likely to get their feet soaked on their way to and from work, while cyclists will also be able to keep little drier on their journeys too.”


July 9, 2019