Earlsfield Woman Sues Over Spicy Cooking Smells

Takes Housing Association to court over neighbours' 'anti-social behaviour'

A woman from Wandsworth is going to court claiming that her upstairs neighbours’ cooking of spicy food constitutes anti-social behaviour.

Joanna Cridling of Geraldine Road, Earlsfield has issued a writ in the High Court against her landlord the housing association Viridian Housing in an attempt to force them to take action and gain compensation for loss of earnings and personal injury.

Earlsfield Woman Sues Over Spicy Cooking Smells

The house in Geraldine Road. Picture: Google Street View

According to the Mailonline she has lived in the property, which is a Victorian house converted into flats, for over 40 years. In the writ she claims that she is constantly subject to the 'strong overwhelming vapour of hot chillis' which ‘constricts her airways and burns her windpipe’ and permeates her home for up to eight hours a day. She says that she already suffers from respiratory problems and says that the pungent smell from the cooking is making her life unbearable.

She says she has had a problem with the smells since her neighbours first moved in at the end of 2014. She claims that Viridian Housing have ignored her appeals for help and are in breach of their duty of care by not responding to her ‘legitimate’ appeals for help.

Miss Cridlin also alleges in the writ that her breathing problems were exacerbated by raised levels of carbon monoxide in her home resulting from Viridian’s failure to make necessary repairs.

We have asked Viridian Housing for comment. They have yet to submit a defence against the claim to the court.

July 27, 2016