Bank Stakes Claim On Ramsay's Wandsworth Common Home

Celebrity chef can't sell without permission of RBS

Gordon Ramsay's financial difficulties have taken a new twist with a national newspaper claiming that a bank has taken legal steps to stop him selling his Wandsworth Common home without their permission.

The Daily Mail has reported that they have seen document in which The Royal Bank Of Scotland stake their claim on the home of Gordon & Tana Ramsay on Wandsworth Common. The imposing three storey detached property is reputed to be worth over £3m. This would prevent the celeb couple from selling the property to reduce the company debts without obtaining permission from the bank.

Adrian Wilcocks, a forensic accountant with KPMG, told the Mail:
‘RBS, having advanced money to the Ramsay business, now wants some security. There will be various conditions attached. The house is being pushed into filling any hole that may exist.’

A spokesman for GRH confirmed the house was security for the for the loan:
‘All of this is entirely commonplace and standard business practice.’

November 4, 2010