Forthcoming Major Roadworks in Wandsworth

Traffic delays likely in the area due to road and lane closures

A218 Merton Road
Until November 7th
Traffic Control
Works location: Merton Road
Works description:Maintenance - duct excavation
Responsibility for works: BT
Current status: Works started

Albert Drive, Southfields
Until December 21st
Carriageway incursion
Works location: Albert Drive and Augustus Road
Works description: Storage for works
Responsibility for works:Southern Gas Networks
Current status: Works started

A217 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth
Until November 8th
Some delays likely: Carriageway incursion
Works location: Junction of Replingham Road
Works description: Road closed for Gasworks
Responsibility for works:TfL
Current status: Work underway
Neville Close
Until March 25th 2019
Road closures
Works location: Neville Close
Works description: Traffic may be held briefly to allow delivery of materials
Responsibility for works: Thames Tideway Tunnel Ltd
Current status: Work underway

Trinity Road
Until May 2021
Some delays likely - lane closure
Works location: A214 Trinity Road
Works description:Vehicle holding area for Thames Tideway construction
Responsibility for works: TfL
Current status: Works started
A214 Woodwell Street
Until January 2020
Some delays likely
Works location: Woodwell Street
Works description: Lane restrictions due to hoarding
Responsibility for workTfL
Current status: Works started

Wandsworth Gyratory, Wandsworth One-Way System

Until January 2020

Delays likely Gyratory changes to two-way flow

Works location: - A3 at Frogmore

Works description: Delays possible

Responsibility for works: TfL

Current status: Works started

Water Leaks and Gas Escapes

Do not assume that someone else has phoned it in. Please do not report these to the Council. The following free phone numbers should be used to report leaks

WATER: 0800 714614
GAS: 0800 111999

All utility companies have to prioritise works across our borough as well as other boroughs in south London. The On Street Services team actively monitors works on the public highway and works with utility companies to minimise disruption as much as possible.

For instance via their telephone number, or Mr Don Ogunyemi on Tel No 020 8871 6712, Fax 020 8871 3174, E-mail

November 6, 2018