Riots Spread to Clapham Junction & Lavender Hill

Looting & arson comes this far south west

Fires & looting have taken place in Clapham Junction & Lavender Hill - with footage available on YouTube.

The local community is being urged to band together to restore London after three nights of violence and vandalism on the capital's streets. You can find the local plans at!/riotcleanup

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said:
“The scenes of violence and destruction over the weekend are utterly appalling. People have lost their homes, businesses and livelihoods through mindless violence. I understand the need for urgent answers into the shooting incident that resulted in the death of a young local man, and I’ve sought reassurances that the IPCC are doing exactly that. But let’s be clear these acts of sheer criminality across London are nothing to do with this incident and must stop now. The Acting Met Commissioner has assured me that the police are doing everything they can to resolve this situation, they will be making further arrests over the next few days and are working tirelessly to identify every criminal involved.”

Police are advising parents to keep their children at home this evening.