Exhibition Puts Carers In Focus

Who Cares - a new photographic work by Rosie Barnes and carers from the Wandsworth Carers' Centre

26th January – 27th February 2011
The Food Court (above Waitrose), Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth
Exhibition viewable: Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm, Sun 11am - 5pm


Who Cares is an council funded exhibition featuring new photographs by artist Rosie Barnes and Carers from Wandsworth Carers' Centre.  
The artist worked in close collaboration with local carers, photographing them in their homes, and other private places over three months. The result is a series of quietly powerful and moving images that provide insight into the lives and relationships of those who care for others.
Wandsworth Carers' Centre supports carers who, without payment, look after friends, partners or relatives who could not manage without their help. This could be due to age, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability.
Rosie Barnes has worked with these inspiring individuals to shoot their own photographs about being a carer, which are displayed alongside her work.
Rosie says: "Working on this project has shown me that anyone can tell their story with power and emotion - visually."
Wandsworth Council's arts and culture spokesman Cllr Sarah McDermott says: "This exhibition offers a powerful reminder of the role carers play in our community. The photography is superb and captures some incredibly moving scenes."
Who Cares is funded by Wandsworth Council and supported by Snappy Snaps and Southside Shopping Centre. It pre-empts an exhibition of shortlisted entries from photoWANDSWORTH.
Rosie Barnes, herself a previous entrant of photoWANDSWORTH, is an acclaimed artist/photographer who has shown work both nationally and internationally. She is known for her sensitive, narrative documentary style. She is herself also a carer to her eldest son who has autism.
For more information contact the council's arts team on 0208 871 8711 or

January 18th, 2011