Take your shoes off for Trees – and break a Guinness World Record!

Tree-Athlon 5k run goes ‘barefoot’

The environmental charity, Trees for Cities, is calling on Londoners to take their shoes off for trees and run a Tree-Athlon – barefoot!

Tree-Athlon is a three part event, which includes a 5km run, the chance to make a tree wish and the opportunity to take home a sapling to plant. The aim is to raise funds for the planting and care of thousands of trees across the UK and abroad.

Running the course barefoot is optional and some ‘Tree-Athletes’ may choose to keep their shoes firmly tied on, but the charity is keen to encourage runners to go barefoot on the 18th September and take part in an attempt to set a new record for largest barefoot race. This will happen as a separate event after the 5k run, at 11 am.

At the forefront of a growing trend, Trees for Cities will be exploring how barefoot running can make people more aware of the urban environment, how your senses can become alive under a canopy of trees and increase one’s physical involvement with the city. The charity’s projects are all about reconnecting with the urban landscape, and what better way to travel through it than with bare feet?

Michelin Star Chef, Tom Aikens says: “I am thrilled to be starting this year’s Tree-Athlon in London and leading the first ever barefoot run around Battersea Park! Trees and urban vegetation are so important – from brightening up grey city streets, to perking up community spaces and ‘edible’ school playgrounds. Let’s plant the seeds, nurture them and watch them grow.”

So fancy getting fit and helping our cities to breathe? Do your bit and take your shoes off for trees!

A note on barefoot running:

There are many benefits to going barefoot, and here are just a few:

1 It strengthens the muscles in your feet
2 The runner’s foot is flexed just as nature designed
3 It can help to realign your natural posture
4 Barefoot runners connect with the ground in a new way

September 13, 2010

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