London Fire Brigade Remember Firefighters Hit By WW2 Bomb

Six men died during November 1940 air raid in Wandsworth

The London Firebrigade this weekend remembers the six firefighters who died when Wandsworth Fire Station was hit by a bomb during WW2.

The bomb hit on 16th November 1940 when the old fire station on West Hill was destroyed during a heavy air raid. It was hit by a an oil-bomb and immediately caught fire.

Firefighters in the basement were able to escape through a hatch and Battersea Fire Station was able to send help immediately. Some fire fighters were rescued from the Recreation Room, but tragically six lost their lives.

C Andreazzi, D Aust, W Brum, W Beard, L Isaacs and A Turner were named as the dead and a memorial stands today outside the new Fire Station in memory of all six men.

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Above: the old fire station before it was bombed