Man Jailed For Storing Revolvers In His Wardrobe

The jury dismissed claims that Marvin Jones was an antique gun collector

A 29-year-old man from Wandsworth has been jailed for nearly six years after police discovered two revolvers at his south London home.

Marvin Jones of Tyneham Close was sentenced this week at the Old Bailey having been found guilty of the possession of two firearms and failing to disclose the PIN code for his mobile phone.

In January this year, acting on intelligence, officers from the Trident and Area Crime Command’s Proactive Unit executed a firearms search warrant at Jones' home. They found a Belgium .41 calibre "Frontier" Gate loading revolver and an American Smith and Wesson Model .44 double-action hinge-frame revolver inside a bedroom wardrobe.

Man Jailed For Storing Revolvers In His Wardrobe In Wandsworth
Above: the recovered firearm

Jones had two mobile phones on him, but during his arrest and subsequent detention, he failed to provide the PIN code to the locked handsets to assist the police investigation - an offence of failing to comply with a Section 49 notice to disclose the key to protected information.

During his interview Jones also refused to provide any information regarding how he had obtained the firearms. However during the trial he changed his story, claiming to be a collector of antique guns; a story ultimately dismissed by the jury.

Detective Inspector Paul Dorey, from the Trident and Area Crime Command, said, "Marvin Jones is a dangerous individual and I am pleased that he has been dealt with by the courts. The professional and thorough investigation by officers greatly rebutted his nonsense claim that he was an antique firearms collector.

“Today's result serves as a reminder to anybody involved in the possession and use of firearms that officers from Trident will actively pursue them and place them before the courts."

Jones was found not guilty of an offence connected to the supply of Class A drugs.

August 9, 2016