Blue Peter Presenter To High-Wire Walk Battersea Power Station Chimneys

Helen Skelton will walk the tightrope for Red Nose Day

Blue Peter's Helen Skelton will attempt to tightrope walk between Battersea Power Station’s chimneys on Monday, February 28th.
If the courageous presenter is successful she will become the first person to achieve this feat.
Helen has been training secretly for months and says on her Blue Peter Blog:

“So, the big day is really close and as you now know I will be doing my huge high wire challenge on Monday 28th February at Battersea Power Station. I will be walking on a wire that is 150m long and 66m off the ground, which is terrifyingly tall! Wahhh…”
The wire Helen will walk is just 18mm thick, and the 27-year-old will also have to balance an eight metre pole in front of her for the whole crossing.
The Cumbrian lass, who got the idea for her tightrope walk after watching the 2008 film Man on Wire, told the North West Evening Mail:

“I knew it would be scary and a challenge to stay focused but I really hadn’t realised how physical it would be.

“I am covered in bruises from falling on the wire – which is incredibly painful.
“It’s nerve wracking and physically exhausting, but I feel ready and I just want to get on with it.”
Last year Helen kayaked for 2,000 miles along the Amazon and, despite hundreds of  insect bites, became the first woman to make the journey successfully.
February 25th, 2011