Blue Peter Presenter Highwire Walks Battersea Power Station

Helen Skelton would have done it without a harness!

Daredevil Blue Peter presenter, Helen Skelton, has become the first person to hire wire walk between the chimneys of Battersea Power Station.

She performed her breathtaking feat to raise money for Comic Relief, and says she would her preferred to have walked without a harness... “So the wire walking community would take me seriously”.

Her walk was delayed by 40 minutes because of strong winds. The wire was 150m long and 66m off the ground.

Helen describes the experience on her Blue Peter Blog:
“As soon as I put my first foot onto the wire I knew that it was going to be tough. The first half was really wobbly and really freaky. I know it sounds daft but I kept wanting to turn around and go back to the start. Even though I'd prepared and trained loads I started to freak out a bit…”
See Helen’s full tightrope walk and report at
March 2nd, 2011