The Honeysuckle Revue Presents - The Witching Hour

Bedazzling Burlesque At The Bedford in Balham

Put on your best demon-summoning trousers and get ready for an intimate night of cabaret and burlesque in Balham

This September the Honeysuckle Revue, renowned purveyors of glamour, smut and high-octane tomfoolery, are putting on a show for those who just can’t wait for Halloween - full of spellbinding sorceresses, talented dancers, and just enough freakiness to scare, entice and entertain.

The Witching Hour is the Honeysuckle Revue’s fourth show in London, and is coming to the The Bedford, Balham on Saturday 23rd September. Step into our softly-lit, incense-scented boudoir and get ready to be entertained.

The Honeysuckle Revue is London’s most intimate bi-annual burlesque night, featuring award winning, international performers and stars in the making from across the country.

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Audience reviews....

"The Honeysuckle Revue was just lovely in every way. We had been looking for something small and intimate that didn't take itself too seriously, like the wonderful experiences we'd had at Monday Night Tease! in Hollywood. I'm so happy I found your show!"

Elizabeth, Audience Member

"I've just got back from the show and I have to say it was great. It was sexy and funny, and sometimes both at the same time. The routine dances were cool and some of the concepts were just hilarious - the rock wizard, Rapunzel, and Little Red Riding Hood were all highlights. I would definitely go see the Honeysuckle Revue again! Oh, and thanks to Ben for the balloon chimera :D"

Rob, Audience member

"A genuinely superb evening of burlesque, cabaret, and tomfoolery.”

Gareth Audience member

August 31, 2017