Justine Greening Rules Herself Out Of Mayoral Race

Says she now plans to focus on her commitment to social mobility

Justine Greening Rules Herself Out Of Mayoral Race

Justine Greening has ruled herself out of the race to become the next London Mayor.

The Conservative MP for Putney took to Twitter on Wednesday night (26 June) with thanks for all the support she has received for a prospective bid, but confirmed that she will be focussing on her Social Mobility pledge.

She said: "Thanks @JustineForMayor - all your support is hugely appreciated, but as an MP I'm focusing on www.socialmobilitypledge.org to drive opportunity for people across our whole country so won't be putting my name forward. Want to help? Watch this and get involved! #SocialMobility."

The Conservatives are due to start the process of selecting their candidate for the post of London Mayor, held until 2020 by Labour's Sadiq Khan.

Her narrow local victory in the last general election and the ending of her ministerial career when she stood down as Education Secretary earlier this year, had led to speculation that she might stand. Out of step with her party at the national level on issues such as Brexit and Heathrow, the independence of the role of London Mayor could have proved irresistible.

However, Ms Greening has held fast on her commitment to the issue of social mobility and posted a very personal video alongside last night's tweet revealing her own struggles and urging Twitter users to get involved with her efforts to help businesses and schools break down the barriers of social mobility.

The incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan has stated that he is interested in running again as the Labour candidate. Mr Khan was elected in 2016 with 44.2% of the first round vote.


June 27, 2018