Contemporary Dance Platform To Perform At Wandsworth Fringe

Kaleidescope Arts showcases female choreographers

Contemporary Dance Platform Kaleidescope Arts To Perform At Wandsworth Fringe
Photo: Choreographer Lucidez Dance, Kaleidescope Arts. Front page photo: Choreographer Helen Cox, Kaleidescope Arts

A contemporary dance platform for female choreographers
will perform at Battersea's Wilditch Community Centre on Friday 19 May, as part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival 2017

This marks Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform's fourth perfoamance and will feature dance performances from a selection of female choreographers, as well as a post-performance Q&A.

The Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform showcases topical, physical and experimental dance works by emerging female choreographers, and has been designed to bring audiences and artists closer together by inviting an open post-performance discussion between audience,
choreographers and performers.

Their aim is for a new audience to get into
contact with contemporary dance by feeling like they attend a good night out, that's not formally prescribed and passive, but encourages audience members to be engaged with the event and to build their own

Kaleidoscopic Arts has developed a network of female choreographers by creating performance opportunities, providing professional development and mentoring from industry leaders and established choreographers, and getting together informally to see and feedback on
each others' work, and discuss ideas and issues surrounding the dance industry.

The fourth Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform will share dance by Feet off the Ground Dance, Helen Cox, Jayne Port and Lucia Schweigert, and art by Elisabeth Schilling.

Co-producer Lucia Schweigert says, "We see a lot of women within media, film, popular culture and in the arts. But we have a lack of women's voices that show the way life looks from a woman's perspective. It's not necessarily about raising women's issues; it's a simple matter of hearing and seeing more women's perspectives. The more we see diverse perspectives, the more we can understand each other, which I think is a prerequisite to equality. That's why it is important to see dance created by men and by women."

Contemporary Dance Platform Kaleidescope Arts To Perform At Wandsworth Fringe

Co-producer Konstantina Skalionta, who also performed at the first platform, said of the experience: "Choreographers and artists often get locked into their studio without outside feedback. Getting your piece performed is one thing, but knowing how the audience actually perceived it is a real opportunity for progressing and artistic growth. Actually speaking to and engaging with my audience was very useful and that's why we want to develop this aspect of the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform."

Polly Robbins, director at 47/49 Tanner Street where the first platform took place, said of the event: "The discussion afterwards was energetic and inclusive, and evidently helped both the performers and the audience to understand the pieces and the topics raised better."

FRIDAY 19 MAY 2017
Wilditch Community Centre
48 Culvert Road, Battersea SW11 5BB
Performance: 7:30pm
Tickets: £9
Buy online here
or on the door


March 15, 2017